So what's it all about?

Our next Virtual BIG gig is coming soon.


The BIG gig is an innovation event at which a business leader shares a problem or issue with teams of business people who respond with innovative solutions. BIG gigs are open to anyone, but attendees must register with Paul Essery before the event as availability is limited.

For more information and to register, please contact or call 0771 782 3377

28th January 2022

The Fat Squirrel Experience

Fat Squirrel Outdoor offers a woodland space where people can relax and have fun. After taking a quite dramatic career…
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23rd June 2021

Natural Networking does the Big Gig

Big Question: Natural Netwalking Asks the BIG GIG ‘We Love This Concept’ ‘Really Needed Now’ A Fantastic Idea that has…
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4th May 2021

Liminal Health does the Big Gig!

A few weeks ago, my co-founder Christine Beardsell and I were in the privileged position of presenting our work at Liminal…
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12th April 2021

BIG Gig with Oxfordshire Mind

Oxfordshire Mind is renowned for providing advice and support to people experiencing mental health problems.
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15th February 2021

Manufacturing with Purpose BIG Gig

Starting a small business is staying ruthlessly focussed and being tenacious and the Big Gig was a massive spur on…
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29th January 2021

The Busy BIG Gig

The BIG Gig challenge: How do I scale this project to a size that makes it a business?
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15th September 2020

The Big Gig – An Opportunity For Peer-to-Peer Research

Frank Nigriello and Paul Essery invited me to present at the Big Gig innovation event in August 2020. As Founder…
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29th July 2020

The BIG Gig, a personal experience

Frank Nigriello and Paul Essery offered me the opportunity to present our business at the next BIG gig in July…
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15th July 2020

Gaining visibility and building trust in the B2B sector

Educator and psychologist Leah Spasova from LIFESEXPERTS talks about her experience taking part in OB1’s BIG Gig innovation event. 1.…
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13th March 2020

SOFEA’s Commitment to Supply Food to Those in Need

SOFEA is an Oxfordshire based charity distributing hundreds of tonnes of good quality surplus food to the vulnerable and disadvantaged…
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10th March 2020

The BIG gig – what’s in a name?

by Oxfordshire Business First Director Paul Essery When we first started out I thought the name – BIG gig –…
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13th December 2019

Three factors that make the difference in Big Gigs

  A study of the BIG Gig innovation events has found their success is down to three factors – a…
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25th April 2019

How the Big Gig Helped Education charity SOFEA

At SOFEA we have been tremendously fortunate to have gathered in a room some very talented people with some very…
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25th April 2019

The ‘secret’ network that transformed my startup.

From an original blog post for Enterprising Oxford. Keen to follow the best advice, when I first started my business…
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25th April 2019

How the BIG Gig helped my business: Renée Watson, The Curiosity Box

Renée Watson is the founder and Head of Explosions at The Curiosity Box. The Curiosity Box gives children, and their…
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