Liminal Health does the Big Gig!

A few weeks ago, my co-founder Christine Beardsell and I were in the privileged position of presenting our work at Liminal Health to a group of supportive businesspeople from the Oxford region and beyond. Liminal provides health coaching to people affected by chronic conditions in the workplace. We take a very positive, proactive approach, supporting people to make small but lasting changes in their lifestyle and behaviours that will have long-lasting improvement benefits.

On the evening, we spent ten minutes giving everyone the who, what and why of what we do at Liminal, followed by a 30-minute grilling by the 30+ participants on every aspect of our business. Even this Q&A was super valuable to us, as it helped us understand where we may not be communicating our proposition strongly.

Participants split off into small groups to discuss our various challenges – It is absolutely humbling to have a group of intelligent and experienced people put their brains on to your business. There are many takeaways from the evening which we still need to sort through! Lots to do with potential interesting new channels for us to reach new clients, but also about our business model fundamentally.

Thank you to Paul Essery and the Oxfordshire Business First team for giving us the opportunity to share our vision with the world!

Candice Hampson, CEO of Liminal Health

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