Learning about entrepreneurship with the Movie Gig!

When the first lockdown arrived, we set up the ‘Movie Gig’ to make the most of the time and to offer people an enjoyable way to learn new skills from watching great movies!

Over the last nine months, a bunch of us have been regularly gathering via Zoom to share our views on a number of films, firstly those with the theme of ‘Sales’, then on ‘Negotiation’ and most recently movies about ‘Entrepreneurship’.

The format is that we each have a week to watch a selected film, then we gather online for an hour on a Thursday evening to chat about the movie in general and also to share what we have learnt. This has provided a fun and entertaining way of finding out what others think of the movies and how the lessons may relate to our businesses.

We’ve really enjoyed curating these events and hearing what others think of each movie from their various perspectives and experiences. It’s extraordinary the wide range of different ways that people interpret movies and what they mean.

In addition to sharing our views during the weekly Zoom, attendees have been able to follow up after the discussion evening on the ‘your2050’ anonymous, ideas sharing and collaboration website.

Alan Southcombe, of your2050, has welcomed the opportunity that Movie Gig participants have taken during the week following each film to post their thoughts and business and life lessons anonymously on the platform and to see what others have taken away from the movie. The questions and answers from all the earlier Movie Gig sessions remain on your2050.

A third Movie Gig looking at films with ‘Storytelling’ as the common theme going to run early in 2021. If you would like to join in, watch and learn something new about Storytelling please drop a note to paule@mysalesguru.co.uk!

My Sales Guru International is an online sales training and coaching business.

your2050 is a text only, anonymous, ideas sharing and collaboration platform hosting private Communities and a common Public Area. The website is designed to promote grass roots suggestions and proposals and to encourage full participation in the advancement of thought within organisations and amongst its users.

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