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The OBF blog is a collection of short ‘thought leadership’ pieces exploring issues of interest to members.

13th April 2023

Being proactive about mental wellbeing in the workplace

In this blog, Colette Norbury explains our recent project about stress, her Framework for Managing Wellbeing in the Workplace and…
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11th January 2023

Paul Essery in conversation with Matt Lucas of Barclays Eagle Labs

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27th January 2022

Its not all about start-up

Within academia, the phrase ‘it’s not all about start-up’ is one I have heard several times during the last 12…
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2nd April 2021

Does culture matter in your Zoom Room?

Tips on how to handle cultural differences in online meetings.
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4th January 2021

Learning about entrepreneurship with the Movie Gig!

A third Movie Gig looking at films with ‘Storytelling’ as the common theme going to run early in 2021.
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29th October 2020

How to develop good relationships with potential clients.

My Sales Guru International founder Paul Essery interviews Leah Spasova, psychologist and founder of LIFESEXPERTS about the importance of developing…
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15th September 2020

How working with a sales coach helped me sell better!

I first met Paul Essery completely by chance at a networking event I happened to have been given a ticket…
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24th August 2020

New campaign to find school governors

Louise Askew, head of governance at local school trust RLT, on why she is reaching out to the Oxfordshire business…
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17th July 2020

Learning during Lockdown

How we kept learning about selling from watching great movies! Someone (unfortunately I can’t remember who!) once said to me…
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14th January 2020

Wooftastic proves to be a howling success

If you live in Oxfordshire you probably know places that are dog friendly. However, if you are a visitor coming…
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17th December 2019

Enabling young people to become the future (part 2)

by Frank Nigriello, Chairman of Oxfordshire Business First We need to change the clock speed of our thinking when it…
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17th December 2019

Enabling young people to become the future (part 1)

by Frank Nigriello, Chairman of Oxfordshire Business First In industry, many of us have something of a passion about developing…
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25th April 2019

Tech not taxes to tackle traffic

Business people are increasingly worried about the county’s plans to charge more for its roads Ask anyone about the problems…
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