How working with a sales coach helped me sell better!

I first met Paul Essery completely by chance at a networking event I happened to have been given a ticket to.  Since then we have regularly worked together on graphic design projects for his various businesses over the years.  I’ve also attended many of the BIG gig events that he organizes for Oxfordshire Business First.

Paul is not a typical entrepreneur or sales coach though. I have spoken to mutual contacts and they have all had the same experience. You always get more than you bargain for!

Paul gave his time freely and generously with one purpose in mind: to help me grow my business. His enthusiasm and experience in innovation gave him a lens into my business that no-one else has been able to replicate, or probably ever will.

Paul would often call me to tell me he “had an idea for my business” that we should have a chat about. During one such discussion, he asked me if I could teach people about what I do – logo design – in a way that made business owners understand why they really needed to work with me, whilst educating them about how logo design works.

With his help, I devised and created a branding workshop that was interactive, fun, and informative. Most importantly it enabled people understand why they need what I have to offer and how it will help them ‘make their business beautiful’.

Using his many contacts, he opened up various opportunities to practice my workshop which, once perfected, enabled me to make my business seen, heard and understood.  It helps clients understand why I’m the right designer for them.  As a sales strategy it’s marvelous and has really transformed my business.


Louisa Wheeler – CEO of Ilona Design.  Making your business beautiful!

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