Using stories to create better social media content – thoughts from Louisa of Ilona Design

When I signed up for the Storytelling series with Frank Nigreillo, I would say I wasn’t bad at storytelling. I just didn’t know how to use it well enough to make sales through social media.

It turns out there are many techniques to writing stories in a way that persuades and influences people to buy. Frank patiently and enthusiastically explained many of them to us over the course of 5 weeks.

What the weekly sessions did was really bring those techniques to life, with plenty of real-life examples and Q&As. It gave us a non-judgemental, safe space within which to creatively explore these techniques for our own purposes, and get constructive feedback in order to improve.

The techniques I’ve learnt have definitely had an impact on how I now write captions for social media. I find myself thinking more about the language I use and I now check to see which of them I could bring into everything I write.

It has definitely served as a springboard for learning how to write better sales copy. I highly recommend it to anyone who writes for the purposes of selling.

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