Natural Networking does the Big Gig

Big Question: Natural Netwalking Asks the BIG GIG

‘We Love This Concept’ ‘Really Needed Now’ A Fantastic Idea that has Legs?

Natural Netwalking brings businesspeople together in a safe way to enable more meaningful conversations, than is possible on zoom or at traditional events.

Walking itself has become so much more popular since lockdown.  More people having experienced the mental, physical, and emotional benefits walking brings are keen to do more. Walking with purpose could be the new running!

Natural Netwalking provides a simple structure and formula that enables Businesspeople to walk and talk whilst enjoying beautiful locations (Like Blenheim Palace) and each other.

Participants and Members gain the opportunity to swop partners to have up to 6 good quality conversations, sharing ideas, building relationships, and identifying opportunities to further engage. Coffee and more conversation follows:

This is safe Networking on your feet, combining exercise with business, negating the need to feel guilty about taking timeout for a walk.

We, Jackie Jarvis, The Walking Business Coach and Dawn Lillington of Brand-New Dawn, a Website and Brand Designer came together through our love of walking and doing business together. Keen to pass on our passion and create a business model that encourages more green time, Natural Netwalking was born.

When Paul Essery invited Natural Netwalking to take part in the BIG GIG we said yes right away. We had suffered like many businesses with the effects of lockdown and resultant loss of confidence in face-to-face networking.

Natural Netwalking needed a boost to get back on its feet and we thought the BIG GIG could help.

On the night, Paul set up the evening structure.  It started with a short presentation from us, getting across, our business model, who it is for, how it works, what we want to achieve and our BIG GIG question for the evening. It was important to be clear to get the most from the BIG GIG audience. 

Our Question was ‘How can we gain a large enough Volume of Participants and Members to enable us to grow’

The second stage involved the audience of 25+ business professionals and entrepreneurs asking us questions about our current model, ambitions and more. There were some great questions!

The third stage was about solutions creation. The audience went away into break out rooms to look at perceived barriers to growth and potential solutions.

Whilst this was happening, we had a private consultation with Frank Nigriello who provided us with insights from the perspective of Unipart Group, a blue-chip company, and from Paul, a professional sales coach.

The Groups’ ideas were captured, shared, and later sent to us to assess at our leisure.

We gained creative input across several key areas, Our USP, revenue streams, pricing, commercial partners, quality of locations, key messaging, leadership value, and marketing.

We found this a hugely valuable experience which has prompted us to make some plans and decisions about how we are going to grow. It also gave us a much-needed boost after the lockdown effect.

This is an idea that most definitely has LEGS.

If you would like to find out more about Natural Netwalking go to

Please contact us for a Complimentary Guest Place at our Blenheim Palace Netwalk as Dawn and I would love to meet you.

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