Gaining visibility and building trust in the B2B sector

Educator and psychologist Leah Spasova from LIFESEXPERTS talks about her experience taking part in OB1’s BIG Gig innovation event.

1. Can you tell us a bit about your role and what your company does?

I am a psychologist specialising in sex(uality) and relationships education for adults – the purpose of my work is to help people focus on and invest in their personal growth and development. My company – LIFESEXPERTS deliver Life Relevant Education. Our content is purely educational and suitable for individuals, institutions and organisations. We offer programs to assist individuals with their personal development and interpersonal skills building

2. Why did you want to do a BIG Gig?

The idea that I will have the opportunity to present my business in front of great entrepreneurs and business owners from my community and get their honest feedback, smart ideas and solutions to the challenges I was facing in my work fascinated me. I was up for a dissection of my business and keen to listen and improve.

3. What was the main challenge you wanted help with?

The main challenge was gaining visibility and building trust in the B2B sector in Oxfordshire and beyond. As a new company, and especially one in such a controversial and taboo field, it can be very challenging to even disclose what I do without touching a nerve or triggering a response of entangled feelings of discomfort, fear, curiosity, and so much more.

4. What were the main ideas that you got from the BIG Gig?

The key points I have taken very much on board have been to focus on relationship building and partnerships and also social proof of the quality of my work.

5. How have they helped you improve or grow your business (or what do you plan to put in place?)

I have been focusing on very purposeful networking, establishing opportunities for collaborations and building on to partnerships as well as collecting social proof.

6. Was there anything unexpected in the feedback from the group?

The absolutely amazing No BS attitude from the groups and people that were keen on being open, honest and giving constructive criticism. When you have your business dissected and given feedback on in a raw and constructive way, every single positive word of encouragement and faith in the business also matters so much more… Because you know for sure in that moment, that if they didn’t mean it – they’d not have said it. And that’s the type of communication I can appreciate any day and time of the week.

7. Do you have advice for others yet to take part?

The BIG GIG is an amazing opportunity to look at your business through other people’s eyes – and it’s truly priceless. Moreover, the people who join have a lot to give you, and if you’re prepared to get real, honest, raw and blunt business advice – this is the event for you.

8. Any last words about the BIG Gig?

I am super grateful to Paul and Frank for running this event, as it helps local businesses to evaluate, learn and grow. The BIG GIG helps entrepreneurs help each other – this is priceless for the business community and the county as a whole. I continue to attend as I see how beneficial it is for everyone involved.

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