Williams Jet Tenders is looking for help with greener energy and with waste

Williams Jet Tenders <https://www.williamsjettenders.com/>  is looking for
help with greener energy and with waste.

Join us for the Carbon Monsters Project
listing>  on 7th April. Learn how we can reduce our carbon emissions and
find opportunities to work with other companies.

Here are some of Williams’ key issues:

* Gaining landlord buy-in to install green energy solutions. We have
conducted a number of solar viability studies and received quotes but the
roofs need reinforcing to accommodate the panels (the buildings are very old
and generally in poor repair) Low Carbon Hub <https://www.lowcarbonhub.org/>
were interested but we would need £250k investment for new roof structures.
We are interested to hear how others have overcome landlord/tenant relations
with regards to green energy install.

* GRP waste material. We produce a significant amount of raw
fibreglass and foam core offcuts that we have no home or recycling solution
for, is there anyone in the wider South Oxon community who could use this?

* Pallets. We have large numbers of pallets to dispose of. We are
installing a crusher for optimising skip space but would be interested in
the possibility of a pellet maker for a “biomass” burner. If anyone local
has similar needs we might be able to combine.

* Developing a Business wide Environmental, Social, and Governance
(ESG) policy. We need help drafting an overarching ESG statement for the
business, we have a specific sustainability strategy focused around our
facilities, product and supply chain but need help tying this into the wider
ESG plan, focused on governance, workers’ rights, social/community impact

* The green premium…….. So far, when looking to implement the
‘Green’ solution its generally more expensive, so ends up eating into our
bottom line or being passed directly to the customer. We are fortunate that
our customers are relatively price insensitive but when combined with ever
increasing costs in the Bill of Materials (BOM), facilities and staffing
costs there’s only so much you can pass on. We are currently negotiating new
energy contracts, its looking like a 175% increase in costs due mainly to
the worldwide energy crisis but also choosing a green supplier (Drax)
carries a premium over standard energy tariffs.  Doing the right thing is
really hard as we still need to make money……. This can also be
translated to our product, to create a tender with a green powertrain would
require us to retail for between 5-7x the current product, which is not
commercially viable.

We are all passionately bought into improving our business and moving to a
greener footprint but there are big hurdles in every direction, hoping your
project can help us move forward! The above is just a small sample of the

Recognise Williams’ problems? Do you have solutions or ideas? Do you face
similar issues? Come and discuss it on 7th April.

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