“Just Like You” , a new book published by Oxfordshire Business First, profiles more than 50 entrepreneurs from Oxfordshire.

Each story, told in their own words, tells of the struggles and achievements of people ‘just like you’ who started their own businesses.

Whether as a primer for those seeking to start a new business, or a set of case histories for business people who want to learn from the best, “Just Like You” is an invaluable resource for anyone involved or interested in business.

“Just Like You” is available for just £5 by completing the order below.

Here are some of the Oxfordshire business people profiled in the book:

Emma Bridgewater - Emma Bridgewater Ltd

David Richards – Prodrive

Adrian Lockwood – Integration Technology Ltd

Dr. David Sharphie – Powderject Ltd.

Jemma Proctor – One

Bob Urie – Meidplus

   What better timing can there be to publish a book celebrating Oxfordshire’s entrepreneurs as we come out of recession and face an exciting economic future in the county?

Steve Clarke

Partner James Cowper LLP & Chairman of Invest in Oxfordshire

   This isn’t a book about the great and good, the business people who have morphed into TV personalities or the iconic self-made billionaires who have become caricatures. It’s simply a book about the people in your town or village or city; the people with whom you may do business; people who are, for the most part, just ordinary folks like you and me. What makes them slightly different is that they wall wear the often tarnished and mostly misunderstood badge of ‘entrepreneur.

Frank Nigriello

Director of Corporate Affairs, Unipart Group and Chairman of Oxfordshire Business First