Oxfordshire Social Responsibility Network Grows

Posted: 31/05/2016

Oxfordshire Business First has been very pleased to support the launch and establishment ofReciprocate - an opportunity for responsible businesses to learn from each other when it comes to CSR, social impact and charitable giving.

Reciprocate aims to help Oxfordshire’s business community become more strategic in their thinking about community engagement, and realise their good intentions through the power of many. The Reciprocate group of businesses are committed to sharing ideas, pooling resources, collaborating on projects, providing relevant information and driving responsible behaviour.

Hosted by Oxfordshire Community Foundation (OCF), Reciprocate will strengthen community resilience by building stronger, more sustainable capability within local charities and increase awareness of the positive impact responsible businesses can have within Oxfordshire.

To find out more about Reciprocate, including the 22 businesses that have become founder members, please download the OCF Reciprocate flyer.


Reciprocate aims to have a high impact within Oxfordshire, but be low hassle for members. This will be achieved by accessing existing resources and organisations, rather than building new ones, and by making the most of a central core of administration, communication and management through OCF.

  • New membership will be by application, at a cost of £350 per annum
  • A six-month free trial period is available, as well as the option of giving in-kind support to the Reciprocate initiative, such as event management, venue loan or design skills
  • Any business or service organisation with a base or branch in Oxfordshire is eligible
  • Membership will be capped at 100 for the first year


  • Keynotes from leading figures from the business world
  • Forumsand seminars to share experience and ideas, so that the level of knowledge and capability increases throughout the county
  • Collaboration workshops with other members to get specific new initiatives off the ground


  • Directoriesof information about the voluntary sector, existing organisations and networks that can help you, and reputable local charities
  • ‘How to’ pamphlets providing best practice on specific charitable initiatives you may be considering, eg work placements, volunteering, in-kind support, fundraising
  • A referral system that will allow you to forward charitable requests you are not able to assist with to other members or OCF, avoiding the need to say no


  • Reciprocate kitemark to acknowledge your status as a member of the responsible business group
  • Template tools to help you develop a strategic, actionable CSR policy, and illustrate the impact you are having by stating the charitable work you do in monetary terms
  • Increased coverage via collective PR, marketing and social media

Contact OCF for an application form at: marketing@oxfordshire.org