The secrets of business success

Posted: 13/08/2015

By Andrew Gerard of InTouch Marketing

All businesses start somewhere, some become great businesses and great brands but all those businesses were initiated and had a passionate owner at the helm in the first place. Steve Jobs, Karl Benz, Richard Branson are names we all recognise.

We don’t though associate these names as entrepreneurs who started a business with nothing at the outset, except of course a dream, an idea and above all passion and drive.

As business people we learn from our experiences and from each other. Too often though we get distracted by the operational difficulties we face, chasing cash, pushing suppliers to deliver on time and on brief, looking for staff, training staff, finding new customers, the list is endless and at times it can feel a lonely place and the problems insurmountable.

As entrepreneurs we aren’t alone, many more are suffering or have suffered the same trials and tribulations.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could share this experience and more importantly learn from it to accelerate our learning and growth? After all we all have a desire to succeed.

There is an answer a source of great advice and shared learning.

A great new book, diarising experience and offering advice from some of Oxfordshire’s leading entrepreneurs. They offer great advice in bite size pieces.

All of them answer the question; what do you know now that you wish you’d known then.

Answers include:

  • I wish I would have listened a bit more to other entrepreneurs’ advice.
  • It’s all about the product.
  • There is nothing wrong with failure.
  • I wish I’d known more about the business of running a business.
  • It feels lonely but there is a big community of people willing to help, so ask.
  • I wish I knew that starting a business is tough for just about everyone – even Steve Jobs had a few setbacks in life.

To read more, order your copy of “Just Like You” by clicking here.